Our love of and discovery of the Standard Poodle started a few years ago when our 16 year old daughter wanted to try her hand at showing a larger breed. Her research led her to the Standard Poodle and Debbie Euker in Stevensville, Montana. (Friendship's Shiloh Garden)Zara We bought our first Standard Poodle, Zara Lea Azure Noir, from Debbie for her birthday and we have been enamored by “Zara’s” personality and versatility ever since. Zara helps keep our coyotes at bay and joins us on horseback rides and travels with us to soccer games or horse trials. She is a constant comedian and companion in our lives and it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to “Stardom Standards of Valley View Farm”.


The athletic Standard Poodle makes an excellent hypoallergenic, non shedding, exercise partner for city or country life. They also are wonderful service dogs and can excel at obedience, retrieving (hunting or service) and agility.




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