Many of the animals on our farm produce luxurious fiber which can be spun into yarn and then knitted or woven into beautiful garments. We often have bulk fiber available in the grease. We also have some of the fiber commercially cleaned, carded and blended into batts or roving.
Our Angora rabbits produce fiber which is a prized possession of many spinners. Because it is about seven times warmer than sheep's wool, it is usually blended with other fibers, such as wool or silk. Angora fiber is quite clean, so it can be spun directly from the rabbit. A bit of hand teasing may be required to straighten the fibers before spinning. The yarn is washed after spinning. It can also be carded with wool and then spun.
Llama fiber is clean, odorless, lightweight provides remarkable warmth with outstanding insulating capabilities without bulk and is 90% lanolin-free (lanolin is grease usually found in wool). Because of its tensile strength and durability, llama fiber also shrinks very little during washing or processing. And being hypoallergenic, llama fiber can be worn by infants and others who can’t wear sheep’s wool.

Our Shetland Sheep wool is prized by many spinners. Sheep wool is known for its water repellant quality and is often blended with other fibers to produce soft, strong yarns.

Please contact us to see what fiber we currently have available.

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