From time to time, we offer our retired adult dogs for sale. Typically, these dogs are middle aged, UKC Champions and have been the sire or dam of our Huntwood lines. They have now been neutered/spayed, are current on their vaccinations and have had a recent full vet check including a complete blood panel and a dental prophy, with any necessary dental work being done. These dogs have had special status in the kennel or house and are not always a good fit for homes with other dogs. They are loving and intelligent, but sometimes prefer not to share the love of their family with others. We will be happy to help you make sure you are choosing a good fit for your particular situation. Please contact us or visit our Facebook page to see if we have any retired animals for sale. It’s hard to put a price on unconditional love, so we don’t. The fee we ask just covers the veterinary costs to make certain you are getting a dog in excellent health with good longevity.

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